Global Nature Fund (GNF)

International Foundation for Environment and Nature

Fritz-Reichle-Ring 4

78315 Radolfzell, Germany

Phone: +49 7732 9995 80

Fax: +49 7732 9995 88



The Global Nature Fund (GNF) was registered as a non-profit foundation by the Senate of Berlin according to §80 BGB on 29 April 1998. It's registered under the number 3416/584-II.2. The foundation's CEO is Udo Gattenlöhner.

Board of Directors:

Marion Hammerl (President)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Niekisch (Vice President)
Jörg Dürr-Pucher
Kat Hartwig
Barbara Metz
Dr. Andrew Venter
Sebastian Winkler

Editor in chief: Udo Gattenlöhner, Global Nature Fund (GNF)


Annette Maucher, Radolfzell,

Technical realization:

Webstudio Amboom, Großkarolinenfeld

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